"It's pretty scary:" Three young boys in custody, arrested after being found in stolen car

MILWAUKEE -- Three young suspects are in Milwaukee police custody after they were found in a stolen car on the city's north side on Thursday, June 25th. They may be among those accused of stealing a car from a woman on the city's lower east side.

It may have happened days ago, but Harry Mosely says the crime has left its mark.

"These two guys accosted her and took the keys away from her," said Moseley, lives on east side.

On Monday, June 22nd police say near Humboldt and Ogden, a 30-year-old Milwaukee woman was carjacked.

"They took off and in the meantime, she suffered some bruises struggling with these guys," said Moseley.

Thursday, June 25th the investigation ended up behind Anthony Henry's apartment.

"When I stepped to the back door, I see a young man running and police chasing him. So they tackled him and put the cuffs on him," said Henry.

Near 8th and McKinley, police say they found the car full of people who quickly bailed.

Henry knew the suspects were young, but not this young.

Milwaukee police say in custody is a 12-year-old boy, a 13-year-old boy, and a 16-year-old boy -- all from Milwaukee.

The stolen car keys were found in the 16-year-old's pocket.

"It's pretty scary that kids are starting that young doing these types of crimes," said Henry.

People in the neighborhood are mad not just at the kids, but also their parents.

Milwaukee police are now investigating if the teens are responsible for similar crimes in the city.

"It's just disturbing that they would have picked on a young woman," said Mosely.

Witnesses do not believe the youngest suspects were involved in the actual strong-armed part of the robbery, but they are suspected of being inside the car when it was found.

It's unclear if there are other suspects.

Police will present this case to the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office in the coming days.