'It's been surreal:' 6-year-old who saved 4-year-old from dog attack gets shopping spree at candy store

DENVER -- The gifts are rolling in for a 6-year-old Wyoming boy, Bridger Walker, who saved his 4-year-old sister from a dog attack.

Bridger's aunt posted photos of her nephew online, showing the scars he received fighting off the dog.

Since then, Chris Evans, who plays Captain America in the Marvel Universe movies, said he's going to send Bridger a Captain America shield.

The World Boxing Council made Bridger an honorary champion and sent him a belt, and a candy store in Denver gave him a shopping spree on Saturday, July 25.

"It's been surreal," said Robert Walker, Bridger's father. "Um, never expected any of this to go viral the way it did. We literally were just hoping for some postcard or a shoutout or a letter, just to boost our little boy's spirits. He's always been very protective of his little girl. She's always been his little... little princess, and she gets annoyed sometime that he won't leave her alone, and he's always by her side, so it didn't surprise us at all that he would, he would jump in that way he did. I actually asked him the other day, you know, 'Does this make you any more special?' And he said, 'No.' And I said, 'Well, what make's you special?' And he said, 'I'm me.' And that meant a lot to us."

Bridger's father said the family is thankful for all the support and generosity.