"It's amazing:" Alverno College students donate 170 Thanksgiving dinners to families in need

MILWAUKEE -- Lending a hand to families in need over the holiday has become a mission of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee at Alverno College.

"Even if they don't know that it's coming from me or coming from anybody from here, it's the fact that they're getting the food that they need," said Alverno College student Sydney Wisner.

Alverno students helped load up the Hunger Task Force truck as they wrapped up their ninth year in Cans Across the Conference. This competition puts Alverno up against the other colleges in its conference to collect the most food for the hungry for the holidays.

"In the last five years, we've raised more individual items than the other 11 colleges combined," said Alverno College Athletic Director Brad Duckworth.

Students could donate any dollar amount or even have it taken out of their personal meal plans.

Students sat in the cafeteria every day for three weeks encouraging their classmates to donate. They ended up raising $5,000 which was then matched by Food Services Inc.

"Today's donation will feed over 750 families full meals -- full turkeys, stuffing, and dessert," said Duckworth.

It's an effort to make an impact on the families receiving this gift -- and the students.

"The fact that they don't have anything and to all of a sudden just to give them a turkey dinner, it's amazing," said Wisner.

The winner of Cans Across the Conference will be announced in early December.

If you are interested in donating to the Hunger Task Force, CLICK HERE.