'It's about people:' Germantown church partners with nonprofit to help feed families during pandemic

GERMANTOWN -- They may not be able to congregate, but a southeastern Wisconsin church is finding a different way to connect with the community. With help from a national nonprofit, it's providing essential groceries to hundreds of families in need.

With businesses closed and paychecks in question, Life Church in Germantown answered the call.

"You can't help everybody, but you can help somebody. You can't do everything, but you can do something. So, we're going to do the something that we can do for somebody," said Aaron Cole, a senior pastor at Life Church.

Jane Kraemer

The church partnered with Convoy of Hope, a faith-based nonprofit that provides humanitarian aid in times of crisis, to deliver relief supplies. Volunteers, like Jane Kraemer, picked and packed the orders to be sent to 500 families in Milwaukee, Waukesha and Washington Counties.

"I think when you feel like there's not much you can do to have control over things, this is something that we can do," Kraemer said.

The supplies are meant to be a welcome shot in the arm for families who are now struggling due to COVID-19. Those supplies will be delivered to their doorsteps by volunteers later this week. It's what they say they are called to do -- to provide some comfort, relief and stability in a time of uncertainty.

Aaron Cole

"This is what the church is all about, right? The church is not about a building. It's not about steeples and stained glass, bricks and sticks," said Cole. "It's about people."

Convoy of Hope received 500 requests nationwide to help with grocery delivery. Wisconsin was one of 40 states chosen for delivery thus far.