'It's a war zone:' Workers not surprised after man shot, killed would-be carjacker in Milwaukee

Homicide 91st and Fond du Lac

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police said a fatal shooting Monday morning, Feb. 26 near Fond du Lac and Flagg was the result of an attempted carjacking, with the would-be victim shooting and killing the would-be robber.

It happened shortly before 5:50 a.m. near Milwaukee MachineTool Corporation.

Police said a man, 21, was shot and killed when he attempted to rob a man, 24. The 24-year-old man stayed at the scene and is cooperating with the investigation.

Many who work in the area said carjackers frequent businesses looking for vehicles to steal, and many workers are concealed carry permit holders.

Gabriel Alwin was headed to work around 6 a.m. Monday when he saw the scene.

"I pulled up and parked," said Alwin. "The gate was locked so I sat out here on the street. It's pitch dark. You gotta watch for carjackers."

Homicide 91st and Fond du Lac

Alwin said a silver SUV pulled in behind the man, 24, who was parking at the Milwaukee MachineTool Corporation. That's when the man, 21, got out of the SUV and approached the vehicle. The man, 24, then took out his own gun and shot and killed the would-be carjacker. The witness said the SUV with others inside took off.

"It's really dark over here, and early in the morning, it makes you a little nervous and scared now to come into work that early," said Leah Williams.

Homicide 91st and Fond du Lac

Williams works at a nearby day care and said she's concerned about what happened.

"He was protecting himself basically," Williams said.

"It's a war zone, so you're used to carjackers. You're used to murderers. You gotta watch out for stuff like that. If not you're a victim -- I'm not trying to be a victim so..." Alwin said.

Alwin said those who work in the area are very aware that groups of carjackers have been targeting people going to work early in the morning, and he drives with tinted windows as protection.

Homicide 91st and Fond du Lac

"I don't want a carjacker going to my car. They don't know if there's one person in it or five dudes with AK-47s. I don't want to be a target, so I tell an officer my windows are pitch black, not because I like tinted windows -- it's to save my life," Alwin said.

Alwin said many workers in the area carry guns.

"I think everybody around here pretty much carries. We got guys that carry here and I've told them when we pull in here and we're waiting, put it right on your lap. Put it on your lap and we face the gate. We back in so our fronts are facing the gate open. Everything is conscious of what's going on in this area," Alwin said.

Police said the investigation is ongoing. As of Monday afternoon they were working to notify relatives of the man who was killed. They said the shooter is cooperating and the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office will get this case in the coming days.

Police said the would-be robber, 21, also had a gun in this case.