"It is important to me:" MPS students get a lesson from the pros in cooking, healthy eating

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Public Schools students on Friday, June 9th got a lesson from the pros. It's all about good cooking and healthy eating.

Tortillas are tasty and nutritious when they're made from scratch. Making them might even feel like a game.

"That way they don't have to buy the processed stuff," said Sam Ek, Sous Chef at Odd Duck.

Sam Ek, the Sous Chef at Odd Duck in Milwaukee, is teaching his ways to students from MPS' Story Elementary School.

"Personally, I like to cook Latin food, my history in other restaurants led me that way. Working at Odd Duck we try to encapture everything," said Ek.

Sam Ek

The cooking lesson is thanks to a partnership between MPS and the Hunger Task Force. The Nutrition Education Program teaches grade school students the importance of healthy eating.

"You get to experience new things," said DoMani Jones, 4th grade student at Story Elementary.

They learn from a dietitian during the school year and a number of local chefs this week.

DoMani Jones is excited to give the recipe a try.

"It is important to me because I exercise a lot and eating healthy really keeps you in shape, and keeps you healthy," said Jones.

Ek's passion for cooking started early on -- 12 years ago his first job was at Culver's. He has since worked at several local restaurants.

"Personally, I love cooking because it is fun, it keeps me going all the time, it is just kind of like a game," said Ek.

Ek hopes his passion will not only teach a valuable lesson, but inspire creativity in the kids.