"It affects everything:" Bomb threats have life-long consequences; how one young man's been impacted

HARTFORD -- We hear often about bomb threats called into schools in southeastern Wisconsin -- but one thing we don't hear a lot about are the consequences that go along with making them. A Hartford mother is speaking out after her son was expelled from school for making a bomb threat in April. She hopes her son's case serves as a warning to others.

It has been a rough month for a mother named Cassie and her family. Her son was arrested and handcuffed, and her home was searched by police.

Her son is now facing felony charges, and his family must move.

"I want parents to talk to their kids. I want schools to talk to the kids about this," Cassie said.

Cassie shared with FOX6 News a copy of the note that has turned her family's life upside down.

Bomb threat to Central Middle School in Hartford

"This is affecting his schooling. This is going to affect where we live. It affects everything," Cassie said.

It was April 11th when Cassie says her 13-year-old son scribbled the note and then slid it through an office window at Central Middle School in Hartford.

Her son says he got the idea from a group of boys at a lunch table.

"The kids were talking about how they wanted a day off of school and they said somebody should write a bomb note," Cassie said.

Central Middle School in Hartford

Cassie says her son did it partly because of peer pressure and bullying and partly because he wanted to fit in.

"He slid it through a window and they all ran out the door and thought it was funny," Cassie said.

Three hours later, Cassie got a phone call. She needed to bring her son to the police station.

Bomb threat to Central Middle School in Hartford

"He spent a night in juvie. I really think that was a good scare," Cassie said.

Cassie's son, whom FOX6 News is not identifying, now faces a felony terrorist threat charge under a new law in Wisconsin.

He is also charged with "bomb scare" and disorderly conduct, and he has been expelled from school. He was allowed to pass eighth grade, but he cannot return to the Hartford School District.

Cassie says he probably cannot attend any other school in Washington County.

Central Middle School in Hartford

"Altering your life isn't worth a day off school," Cassie said.

Cassie says her son deserves repercussions, but she feels a felony terrorist threat charge is harsh, given her son's age.

"Thirteen-year-old boys aren't thinking of anything past that minute," Cassie said.

Hartford School District officials confirmed for FOX6 News that two boys were expelled due to the April 11th bomb threat.

Cassie thinks every boy who knew about this note should face the same consequences.

"You had eight kids who knew what was going on and nobody said anything," Cassie said.

The district administrator told FOX6 News he cannot release any information about the students involved in this case, but said they handle these things on a case-by-case basis.