Is Gov. Walker a target of ongoing John Doe investigation?

MADISON -- A well-known broadcaster claims "his sources" say Gov. Scott Walker is now a target of the ongoing John Doe investigation that has led to charges against several of Walker's former aides while he served as Milwaukee's County Executive. Gov. Walker says it's totally false, and he has not been charged in connection with the investigation -- but will that change?

Well-known TV reporter David Shuster, who has covered the Department of Justice for years, has created something of a storm in the Wisconsin recall race with an appearance on Current TV, a series of Tweets and a report on a website called "Take Action News."

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The report says: "According to government lawyers familiar with a Milwaukee criminal corruption probe, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is now a 'target' of the investigation."

The sources Shuster cites are anonymous.

Walker says Shuster's report is "100% wrong."

"Could not be more wrong. It's just more of the liberal scare tactics desperately trying to get the campaign off target.. The recall was about our reforms. Our opponents don't want to talk about them. Then, they shifted to jobs.  The facts show that jobs are wining, and now they want to switch to something else desperately, but there is absolutely no truth to that whatsoever," Gov. Walker said.

The two-year-old John Doe investigation has implicated some of Gov. Walker's top aides and appointees during his time as County Executive. Gov. Walker has transferred at least $160,000 to a legal defense fund.

Gov. Walker told FOX6 News last week that his legal defense fund is paying for his defense alone, and not the legal bills of any of his former staffers.

Gov. Walker has said throughout the investigation that he is not a target.

"The people of Wisconsin deserve to know if their governor is under investigation, facing charges or facing indictment before the election.  This governor, Governor Walker, has a moral responsibility to tell the people of Wisconsin if he has been informed by federal prosecutors that he is the target of a criminal investigation at the federal level," Phil Walzak with the Tom Barrett campaign said.

FOX6 News attempted to get a hold of the Department of Justice's Public Integrity Unit, but those attempts were unsuccessful.

FOX6 News spoke with Shuster, who said he stands behind his reporting.

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