Interfaith group holds vigil to honor Boston bombing victims

RACINE (WITI) -- The Racine Interfaith Coalition came together Sunday, April 21st in a vigil for the Boston bombing victims, as well as the victims of the Texas explosion and the earthquake in China.

The group holds a vigil every time there's a murder in their community. They also come together after major tragedies around the world. "People do have a need to come out in community and talk about these things and about how important it is for us to be together as a community in times of crisis," said Father Yeprem Kelegian.

Vigils like these have become a custom for the coalition since the Oklahoma City bombing. The group, compromised of 23 congregations, unites in prayer whenever there's violence at home and abroad.

The Boston bombings hit close to home for Father Kelegian. He once led services at an Armenian church in Watertown, Massachusetts. "We were getting a lot of Facebook messages from St. James Armenian Church in Watertown, which was used as a command center," he says.

Kelegian says beyond that, there's a bond between the two communities far bigger than any individual connection. "We're all one people. Boston - one time zone away, one plane trip, they are us. We're together in this, no matter where in the world it happens, we're all people. We're all together in this."

Everyone at the vigil was given a black ribbon to wear as a symbol of the lives lost in Boston, Texas and China.