'Inspirational:' Milwaukee muralist paying homage to health care workers battling COVID-19

MILWAUKEE -- Near a busy intersection on Milwaukee's south side, in the shadow of the Basilica of St. Josaphat, a colorful vision is taking shape.

Mauricio Ramirez

"I love people driving by," said Mauricio Ramirez. "I love people recognizing the work."

The Milwaukee muralist is using spray paint, a ladder and passion for his latest creation.

"The thing that sticks out about this one is it is very time-sensitive," Ramirez said. "It directly related to the times we're living in right now."

Painting during a pandemic, the title of the mural is "Frontline Heroes" -- designed to recognize medical workers making a difference in the coronavirus fight.

"It's so crazy to think about that they're there, toe-to-toe with this virus," said Ramirez.

Colleen Cheney-Trawinski

Section by section, he carefully uses a picture to help paint a nurse, leaning on faith.

"It's very inspirational, and bright and happy and cheerful and hopeful," Colleen Cheney-Trawinski, who works nearby, said. "When you first look at it, you just, it's just very impactful."

The mural is even catching the attention of those stopped at the busy intersection during this turbulent time. Ramirez hopes his work bring peace and gratitude.

"It'll forever be marked down in history that they were on the front lines just battling it," he said.

Ramirez hopes to finish the mural by the end of the day Friday, April 10.