'In tears and in awe:' 4-year-old boy determined to ride a bike will receive one-of-a-kind trike

MILWAUKEE -- The design team at Harley-Davidson is helping a young boy experience a new sense of freedom almost thought impossible.

Francis Kahle

Four-year-old Francis Kahle was born without legs and forearms. That posed some obvious challenges for getting around. What Francis has never lacked is the determination to have a life that is always moving forward.

"I was like, if you want to ride a bike, I am definitely your guy," said Brent Emery of Emery's Cycling.

It is a quality matched by the goodwill of those around him.

Lisa Tomachek is the executive director of Variety, an organization that provides physically disabled children with adaptive bikes and wheelchairs.

"I was in tears and in awe and I wanted to get Francis a bike," Tomachek said.

Variety connected with Emery Bike and Harley-Davidson to build a one-of-a-kind trike.

Francis Kahle

"A couple of the key challenges is the seat because he's going to need a unique seat -- how he can hold on to the handlebars," said Brian Schneider, engineering manager.

Francis will even use his chest for braking.

"Gone above and beyond in terms of design and funding and just trying to make this happen," said Laura Kahle, Francis' mother.

But the work is not finished -- which why on Friday, Feb. 23 Francis was the guest of honor at a fundraising event. The hope is to raise enough money and have the bike ready for this spring.

"He doesn't have to look out the window anymore and watch his friends on their bikes. He can go join them," Tomachek said.