In New Hampshire, Walker says he wants to grow economy by putting people of America back in charge

NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Governor Scott Walker was in New Hampshire on Saturday, May 30th for some politics and pie.

The New Hampshire National Republican Committee and the Concord Republican City Committee hosted its "Politics and Pie" series.

Walker says unlike President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, he wants to grow the economy by putting the people of America back in charge.

"There's a huge difference between people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and I think the rest of us. The president and Hillary Clinton -- they seem to think when it comes to growth that you grow the economy by growing Washington. Right? I mean, think about this, last year reports show six of the top 10 wealthiest counties of America, you know where they were? In and around Washington, D.C. That says that they believe you grow the economy in Washington. I think we believe you grow the economy in cities and towns and villages all across this great country. That people create jobs -- not the government. One of the best ways to do it is get government out of the way. Fewer regulations, repeal ObamaCare, put patients and families back in charge," Walker said in New Hampshire.

Walker has not yet announced whether he's running for president in 2016. He has said he won't make an announcement until Wisconsin's budget is signed.

"For us, we have yet to make an announcement. We'll do that after our budget is done, at the end of June. We'll make an announcement as to our intentions and whether we will seek the presidency or not but obviously we are getting a great response here as we have in other places around New Hampshire and we are pleased to keep coming back," Walker said.