In custody: Authorities arrest Cedric Moore in connection with $15,000 armed robbery

WAUKESHA -- Cedric Moore, 34, wanted for a December 2016 armed robbery has been captured, according to authorities. The Waukesha County Sheriff's Department tells FOX6 News Friday, May 26th Moore was arrested in the area of 76th and Medford Avenue in Milwaukee.

Officials say an anonymous caller stated they saw FOX6's Most Wanted report and recognized Moore while he was with other people at a gas station in that area. MPD squads arrived in the area fast and Moore was taken into custody without incident.

Agents say Moore is wanted for a December 2016 armed robbery. The victim returned to their home in Waukesha after an evening at the Potawatomi Hotel & Casino. Moore and two other suspects followed the victim's movements all the way to their Waukesha residence. Police say they were then robbed of more than $15,000 in casino winnings.

“Unfortunately, in different situations, you are going to have people that are watching you,” said investigators. "You have an area where people can win substantial amounts of money. They're in an environment where they are focused on their winnings. They are not paying attention to what's going on around them."

The robbery happened feet from the victim's doorstep. The suspects, including Moore, are also accused of destroying the individual’s cellphone and tying them up inside their garage. The other two individuals have been taken into custody.

Moore was the last wanted man in this case. Milwaukee police have turned him over to the Waukesha Police Department.