"I'm keeping my word:" Gov. Walker is not invested in Trump campaign, but backs candidate

MILWAUKEE -- Gov. Scott Walker says his vote might be all the support Donald Trump gets from him. That is what he told FOX6's Theo Keith on Tuesday, May 10th.

Gov. Scott Walker

In downtown Milwaukee, Gov. Walker indicated to reporters that he is not invested in Trump's campaign -- even though he believes Trump would be better than Hillary Clinton.

"Just saying someone's better may not  warrant an outright aggressive endorsement and campaigning. A lot of it will depend on what we hear," Gov. Walker said.

Walker has less-than-enthusiastically endorsed Trump to fulfill a pledge last year that he would support the Republican Party's eventual nominee.

House Speaker Paul Ryan has not yet endorsed Trump.

Donald Trump

"If not for your pledge in Cleveland last August, would you be in the same position as him?" asked FOX6's Theo Keith of Gov. Walker.

"Well in a way, I'm similar in the sense that, the pledge -- I'm keeping my word," said Walker. "Meaning to me, support can be as simple as 'voting for.' All of you have asked what more I'll do -- if I'll campaign or anything else. A lot of it remains to be seen...so in some ways, I'm similar to Paul Ryan's response."

Ted Cruz

As Wisconsin Republicans grapple with Trump as their candidate, Trump's closest rival, Ted Cruz, broke his silence Tuesday. While on the radio with conservative host Glenn Beck, Cruz would not endorse Trump. He also did not rule out restarting his campaign if he somehow wins the Nebraska primary Tuesday night."

"I am not holding my breath. My assumption is that will not happen. But listen, let's be very clear. If there is a path to victory, we launched this campaign intending to win," Cruz said.

Ryan has a meeting scheduled with Trump for Thursday. Trump tweeted he was looking forward to that meeting and "Together, we will beat the Democrats."

Ryan told a radio station in his hometown of Janesville that he does not have "huge expectations" for the meeting.