'I'm filled with pride:' Mayor says DNC officials headed back to Milwaukee this week

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on Sunday, March 17 said officials with the Democratic National Committee were headed back to town to plan for the 2020 Democratic National Convention. It was announced on March 11 Milwaukee would be the host city -- with the Brew City beating out Houston and Miami.

The DNC is expected to bring 50,000 people to Milwaukee in July 2020, and they'll need a place to stay. Mayor Barrett said he hopes hotel managers honor the commitments they made.

"I'm filled with pride that our community was able to pull this off. This is the first time in the history of this city -- in the state of Wisconsin -- where we have ever had a major party national convention," said Mayor Barrett.

Barrett said DNC members would be in Milwaukee to begin mapping out logistics for the convention.

"North of 10,000 rooms have been committed, and that's going to be necessary," said Barrett. "I don't want to see any price gouging from hotels. If that happens, it's going to make it hard for all of us. It will tarnish our reputation as a community."

Barrett said Sunday work was also underway to form the city's host committee, and said he wants to see residents and business owners of all racial, religious and economic backgrounds involved. He said he reached out to mayors in surrounding communities like Waukesha and Oak Creek for help.

Democratic National Convention 2020

The mayor said the convention offers the chance for Milwaukee to be in the national spotlight.

"We have almost a year and a half to demonstrate that we are serious -- and I am very serious -- about addressing the challenges that we face," said Barrett.

DNC officials need to fill 12,000 volunteer positions. CLICK HERE to learn more.