"I'm asking for their vote:" Walker makes final appeal to voters in one-on-one with Mike Lowe

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Hours before the voters make their voices heard in the November 4th General Election, we're hearing one last time from the candidates in Wisconsin's gubernatorial race. FOX6's Mike Lowe had the chance to sit down one-on-one with Governor Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Mary Burke. Governor Walker is completing his third campaign for the office of governor in the last four years. His first term was focused on the state's budget, and the battle with organized labor. This campaign has been focused on jobs. He addressed this campaign's focus and more -- with our Mike Lowe.

Mike Lowe: "This campaign has been all about jobs. There have been arguments about jobs plans, about the jobs numbers to use, about which candidate is better suited to create jobs. I think we've been asking the wrong questions. The governor has no control over the economy, no control over jobs. Have we wasted the campaign asking the wrong questions?"

"It's interesting how it's been focused in that regard. The government doesn't create jobs. People do. But I did say, it's my belief that the government can create the environment, whether it's better or worse, positive or negative and what 've tried to do over the last almost four years is create a better environment," Governor Walker said.

Mike Lowe: "Let's pick up on that point, because if we can agree that the governor doesn't create jobs, and the government can't improve the economy, what are the things that a governor can do?"

"Things like lowering the cost of doing business, lowering taxes, lowering costs when it comes to regulation and lawsuit issues, so the things that we've done -- the $2 billion to lower property and income taxes," Governor Walker said.

Mike Lowe: "Let me say something that I think a lot of politicians know, but won't say. That is that the economy that we had prior to the collapse in 2008 is not coming back and if you don't have a skill or provide a service that someone is willing to pay you for, you are not only up a creek without a paddle, you're in the middle of Lake Michicgan without a boat."

"We need to get people the skill sets they need because it's not enough to just walk out of high school and get a good paying job. You've got to have some post high school education, be it an apprenticeship program, a technical college, a UW or private college degree. You've got to have something to go beyond," Governor Walker said.

Mike Lowe: "This is kind of a theme you've been developing in your campaign for months now, and it kind of came out in a quote that I know you've been asked about -- that this campaign is "all about you."

"Overwhelmingly the ads that are out there that are for my opponent are ads against me. They're about me, but they're against me. They're against what we've done in this state. In contrast, most of the ads I've run are me looking right like we're talking right now, looking right in the eyes of the voters and telling people what I'm planning on doing for the next four years and why I'm asking for their vote. I'm counting on the fact that voters don't want to be against something, they want to be for something."

Mike Lowe: "If you had to distill it down, what is your main objection to Mary Burke's candidacy?")

"The approach that she embraces is more of the same. We saw it under Jim Doyle. We've seen it with others in the past. The idea that the government knows best is really a thing of the past. It's outdated. It's artificial. Instead, I believe the way you build a better economy is in many ways getting government out of the way -- helping new businesses start up, take their new idea and see it grow," Governor Walker said.

Mike Lowe: "You have one last thing to say to voters before they go into that voting booth on Tuesday. What do you want to say to them?"

"I hope people see that our motives have been pure -- that even if they don't agree with everything I've done or the way I've done it, I've done it really to think about my sons, Matt and Alex and to think about all the other sons and daughters like them -- to think about the next generation more than just the next election, which I think is pretty rare in politics."

Governor Walker has a lot riding on this campaign -- not the least of which is his status as a presidential contender. There is no doubt political pundits from across the country will be watching Tuesday's results with that in mind.