iCracked Offers Door-to-door iPhone Service

One of the most popular phones in the world also seems to be one of the slipperiest. Now a company is capitalizing on dropped iPhones by making house calls to repair them.

Dropping your iPhone is a nightmare. It almost certainly means scratches, dents or even a broken screen. But now there's hope.

A company called iCracked has a team of technicians nationwide that will come to you to fix your screen fast and cheap.

While they're supposed to be safe and sound in our pockets, or purses, iPhones have a knack for finding their way to the floor.

"The best are the ones where there is a story attached to it from the night before," said AJ Smith a technician for iCracked in sharing some of the more interesting cases he's seen on the job.

In the past, breaking your iPhone meant a visit to the Apple store, which can rack up big bucks on repairs.

"...a lot of people initially think when they break their phone is great...there's no way I can repair this," said AJ Forsythe, iCracked founder and CEO.

And while it's not too difficult to find repair shops nearby or on the web, trusting their work is another issue.

That's why a company called iCracked is stepping up to fill the void.

"We're not only able to fix their phone for them, but also do it in a manner that's very convenient to them," said Smith.

iCracked offers a few different options for iPhone repairs. For those more adventurous, the company sells a do-it-yourself kit online that users buy. And if having a iTech in the house is not your preference, iCracked also sends boxes to ship in the device for repair. Keep in mind, however, that either of those two options will take some time.

The simplest option? Sit back, relax, and let the repair person come to you.

"We have over a 120 iTechs that will travel to our customers," Forsythe said. "We can go to them and fix it in a place of their convenience and they tend to love that."

Every iCracked technician is equipped with a box containing everything he or she may need to bring your iPhone back to good health. The package, which customers can also purchase online, includes everything from brand new screens, to tiny screwdrivers, and even a bumper to protect from future mishaps.

And although tinkering with the inerts of the iPhone effectively voids Apple's warranty, iCracked stands behind their work and offers customers peace-of-mind.

"We warranty all of our repairs," Forsythe said. "And we do our best to always take care of the customer and make their device just excellent."

An average repair will take about a half an hour and cost between $60 to $100 dollars. To see if there's an iTech in your area, click here.