Ice Castles coming back to Lake Geneva with COVID-19 changes

The popular "Ice Castles" are coming back to Lake Geneva for winter 2020. 

The winter playground is projected to open sometime in January 2021, officials announced Thursday, Oct. 29, noting families "will be able to enjoy the same fun magical winter appeal this year with ice slides, crawl spaces, caves and fountains illuminated at night, but the experience will be slightly different."

The Ice Castles will operate on a reduced capacity "to promote social distancing."

Additionally, officials said wherever possible, tunnels and crawl spaces will be clearly marked as one-way features to limit face-to-face exposure with other guests. 

Guests will be required to wear a mask or face covering.

If weather permits, ice artisans will begin growing and harvesting up to 10,000 icicles each day beginning in late November to construct the frozen attraction.

 This season, the Utah-based company will have four locations across North America. Other locations include Colorado, New Hampshire and Utah.