'I love him a lot:' Milwaukee family's dog stolen 2 days after they moved into their new home

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee family moved to a new home hoping for a new beginning. Instead, someone broke in and stole something very important to them. It happened two days into their fresh start and left them asking for help.

Shanaye Brownmiller, a single mother, said she wanted a new beginning, so she moved her family, three children and a dog, Rocko, into a new home near 95th Street and Thurston Avenue.

"It seemed like it was a quiet neighborhood and everybody was family-oriented over here and had enough space for my kids," said Brownmiller.

They hadn't even unpacked from the move on Monday, Oct. 14 when 11-year-old Jamiyah realized a piece of her family was missing.

Jamiyah Graham

"Sometimes he make me mad, but I love him a lot," said Jamiyah Graham.

Police said on Wednesday, Oct. 16 around 6 p.m., someone got in through the front window and stole a gaming system, movies, and 7-year-old Rocko. Brownmiller's purse was untouched.

"For them to take him and not know the emotional effect it's going to cause on her, that's what hurts me," said Brownmiller. "I know she's holding it together."

A neighbor's camera captured Brownmiller pulling up, with police following close behind.

Shanaye Brownmiller

"I can't even come here and live my life," said Brownmiller. "I have to be looking over my shoulder in fear for my kids. I come from the inner city, so I know what it means to struggle,. I know what it means not to have nothing, but for them to come take from my kids, I don't get it."

With police investigating, Brownmiller asked that whoever took Rocko please bring him back.

"It's crucial for them to bring him back home," said Brownmiller.

"Probably like, my best friend and family," said Jamiyah Graham.

Police asked anyone with information to please give them a call.