"I love Election Night. It's our democracy in progress:" No excuse not to vote in Brookfield

BROOKFIELD (WITI) -- Like many places, the voter turnout in Brookfield has been good and steady. Out of duty, a favorite candidate. People have different reasons for voting, but most would say the important thing is to do it.

Voters were at the polling place in Swanson Elementary before it opened, and Assistant Chief Inspector, Bill Kennedy was there to greet them.

"When we opened the doors within three minutes I had 10-15 people in each of our four ward lines," said Kennedy.

Turnout has been good, but not as good as the early numbers showed.

"Our turnout at 11 a.m. was 43% but that turnout included the absentee ballots. Because the absentee ballots were pre-numbered," said Kelly Michaels, Brookfield City Clerk.

Even so, Michaels could base the expected turnout on the almost 6,000 absentee ballots.

"Absentee ballots usually tracks what voter interest is. So based on the number of absentees we have, we knew we would be busy today," said Michaels.

"I'm not allowed to take the flu shot. So I have to be careful. It feels good to get it done too," said Linda Mulholland, voter.

You could call this a no excuse election for Linda Mulholland. She's in the midst of chemo and certainly would have a legitimate excuse not to vote, but wouldn't go that route.

"Very important. I would have felt guilty. You know, especially I mean we were watching, it's a close election and I really felt I needed my voice to be heard," said Mulholland.

If a lot of voters get out just before the 8 p.m. closing time, it could be a long night for the workers -- but FOX6 News didn't hear any complaints.

"I love election night. I mean, it's our democracy in progress," said Michaels.

Since the absentee ballots are a gauge of Tuesday's turnout. The city clerk says they were a little bit more than the last governor's race, and about 3,000 less than the presidential election.

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