'I feel horrified -- sick:' Daughter of woman accused of killing 3 infants hopes for life in prison

Nancy Moronez

MILWAUKEE -- Sickened, saddened and full of sorrow, the daughter of a woman accused of killing three infants back in the 1980s spoke with FOX6 News exclusively Monday, Feb. 26. She said she's horrified by her mother's actions.

Ami Brunka said it all started with getting justice for Justin, her brother. She says her mother admitted to killing him. She said she never would've thought that effort to find out what really happened would uncover the alleged murders of two other babies.

Her head hung low, barely lifting it during her court proceedings Friday, Feb. 23, Nancy Moronez, 60, is accused of three felony counts of second degree murder.

"I was just shocked. Completely shocked," said Brunka.

Ami Brunka

Brunka said she's filled with emotion after learning about her mother's alleged actions.

"I feel sad. I feel horrified -- sick," said Brunka.

Brunka said she had a conversation with her mother a few years ago, and was told a disturbing story about how Moronez allegedly killed her brother Justin, who was just 18 days old by "suffocating him with a black garbage bag until he stopped crying."

"No one wants to hear that news from their own mother. She didn't care. She had no emotion when she told me what she did. I went ballistic," said Brunka.

Nancy Moronez

Brunka told police, who then launched an investigation.

Nancy Moronez

Moronez later admitted to drowning the boy, holding him down in a bathtub until "bubbles came out of hit nose and mouth." Court documents show Moronez also admitted to "suffocating" two infants she babysat in her Teutonia Ave. home. Katie Kozeniecki, 11 months, was supposedly killed when Moronez put a "blanket over (her) face" and then "pinched (her) nose and held her mouth." As for Brad Steege, six months, she claimed to have wrapped a  "blanket around (his) face so he would suffocate."

"My heart goes out to these families," said Brunka.

Brunka said she's disgusted, but said she's glad it all came to light.

"I hope maybe these people have a little closure now. At least they know some of the truth. I just hope these families can have some sort of justice," said Brunka.

Nancy Moronez

As for her mother...

"I don't have a mom anymore. I hope she gets life in prison -- and that is like, an understatement," said Brunka.

Moronez is due back in court Friday, March 2. If convicted on all three charges, she could spend up to 60 years in prison.

Brunka said she plans on doing something in honor of all three babies who were killed.