'I could do that:' Pin-striping mural artist has painted Harley-Davidson motorcycles across the country

THIENSVILLE -- Suburban Motors Harley-Davidson in Thiensville sold about 28 bikes Thursday, Aug. 30, during the H-D 115th anniversary celebration, and they said they were hoping for an even better day on Friday.

It's not hard to guess where Dave Letterfly got his name from. He has painted Harley-Davidson motorcycles across North America.

Dave Letterfly

Dave Letterfly

"This is what I call an old school pinstripe design. When I was big enough to see out of the car, I noticed pinstripe designs on the other automobiles and I had the thought 'I could do that.' I'm a lifetime learner," said Letterfly.

Dave Letterfly

Dave Letterfly

He hasn't stopped, taking his paintbrush everywhere he goes, including Wisconsin Harley-Davidson in Oconomowoc.

"They're like me. They like to explore the country," said Letterfly.

FOX6 found not just personalized bikes, but gear as well.

Robert Fleischer

Robert Fleischer

"I'm kind of new at the patch thing. This is brand new, so this is actually the first patch I got put on," said Robert Fleischer.

It was a first patch, on a special anniversary for Harley-Davidson riders like Scooter, who, not surprisingly, has a few bikes of his own.


"All the world coming right here to Wisconsin to party and have a good time under one glorious name," said Scooter.

FOX6 found some on Thursday who don't have Harleys, but still wanted to join the celebration.

Jerry Dolphin

"I've got a Yamaha actually. I've got a couple of Yamahas," said Jerry Dolphin.

There were events at dealerships across the area to coincide with the big celebration in downtown Milwaukee at Veterans Park and the Harley-Davidson Museum. CLICK HERE for a complete schedule.