"I am not intimidated:" Gov. Walker is defiant as he rallies supporters at Iowa State Fair

DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa State Fair's presidential soapbox is a tradition for candidates trying to win votes for the "First in the Nation" state. But Gov. Scott Walker did not just target the Democratic Party at the fair on Monday, August 17th.

Gov. Walker's early success in the Hawkeye State lost traction in recent weeks due to a boisterous Donald Trump -- and Walker's debate performance. But Walker showcased a notable change in rhetoric Monday.

"These days I'm not just frustrated with the President," said Walker, who singled out his own party. "I'm frustrated with the Republican leadership."

Walker earned cheers when speaking about defunding Planned Parenthood, illegal immigration and education reform in Wisconsin.

"Despite what they said, the facts are the facts. They said they would be devastated and yet graduation rates are up," said Walker.

Shouts of protesters could be heard as the soapbox went on.

"We didn't just take on 100,000 protesters, some of which come here today you know what, they didn't intimidate us in the Capitol," said Walker.

Gov. Walker turned defiant...

"The left doesn't want me to be your nominee," said Walker.

As a critic with a sign made it to the front of the stage.

"Again. Unintimidated. I am not intimidated by you sir or anyone else out there. I will fight for the American people, over and over and over and over again," said Walker.

Gov. Walker will try to rejuvenate his campaign by the time Iowans caucus in February.