'I am going to shoot you:' Police seek suspect in fatal Halloween shooting of friend

MILWAUKEE -- Gun violence can erupt anywhere, at any time, even between friends. On the morning of Halloween, police were called out to a duplex in a quiet neighborhood on the Milwaukee-Wauwatosa line.

"When they got there, they observed our victim, Jose Perez-Coronado, suffering from a gunshot wound to the head," said Detective Christopher Fritz of the Milwaukee Police Department.

Perez-Coronado, 31, died shortly after.

"There was drinking, loud music -- a typical get together for a lot of people," said Detective Fritz.

Witnesses said people started pulling out guns and showing them to one another. Soon, Jacob Zambrano-Rodriguez, 28, got into an argument with Perez-Coronado.

"Zambrano made a statement to Jose, 'if you say that again, I am going to shoot you,'" said Detective Fritz.

Witnesses told police they saw the suspect remove the magazine of a .45 caliber gun and point it at the victim's head, but he forgot something crucial.

"He removed the magazine, but failed to eject the round from the chamber of the weapon," said Detective Fritz.

Detectives said the suspect pulled the trigger and shot the victim in the face. He then made a getaway.

"Zambrano took and held a gun and forced another attendee to drive him to the south side of Milwaukee," said Detective Fritz.

Zambrano-Rodriguez has been on the run since. A look at his criminal history shows alcohol has never been good to him.

"He has one prior arrest for operating while intoxicated. It happened one week prior to this incident," said Detective Fritz.

Zambrano-Rodriguez has ties to the south side of Milwaukee -- specifically 6th and College. A warrant has been issued for his arrest. He's considered armed and dangerous.

"Do the right thing and contact us. Let us know where he is at so we can have a safe resolution to this case," said Detective Fritz.

Call 414-297-3707 if you can help law enforcement on this case. You can remain anonymous.