Shots fired on I-94, Milwaukee man arrested

A Milwaukee man, 33, was arrested Wednesday after the sheriff says he fired at another vehicle on I-94 westbound Wednesday morning, March 1.

It happened around 10:30 a.m.

An investigation revealed a road rage incident involving two drivers who were cutting each other off and gesturing offensively before one pulled out a handgun and fired multiple times toward the other in the area of 35th Street and the Stadium Interchange.

As both vehicles approached the Mitchell Boulevard off-ramp, the shooter fired several more times, the sheriff said.

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The investigation took deputies to multiple addresses before they ultimately located the vehicle they were looking for. The Milwaukee man was arrested after a high-risk traffic stop.

The ordeal resulted in multiple freeway closures. The sheriff said physical evidence was found where the shots were fired.

"These deputies’ stellar police work helped make area freeways safer today," said Milwaukee County Sheriff Denita ball. "That said, it is never appropriate to engage in road rage behavior over perceived slights. Should a driver engage in behavior that is unsafe to themselves or others, please call 911 and notify the proper authorities. Irrational behavior and misplaced anger lead to unnecessary and wholly avoidable escalations like this situation."