Hundreds support Sikh community Chardi Kala 6K Run/Walk

OAK CREEK (WITI) -- Hundreds made their way to Oak Creek High School to participate in the Chardi Kala 6K Run/Walk event on Saturday morning, August 3rd. The event, organized by members of the Sikh Temple, is in remembrance of the six worshipers who were killed in the 2012 shooting.

"We are here to commemorate the six victims who lost their lives in last August 5th's shooting," said event organizer Raul Dubey.

Chardi Kala means "stay in good spirits," and organizers decided on a 6K, instead of the typical 5K, in memory of the six victims. An additional 2K walk honored the struggles of the two people who were injured in the shooting.

"It seems like everybody is connected and we all have the same purpose in mind," said participant Leighann Orozco.

Volunteer Vijayant Singh from Boston, who was present during the Boston Marathon bombings, says he understands the need for community support during the healing process.

"People that are from other areas of this country, they are aware of what happened in Wisconsin," said Singh. "We can bring the justice to ignorance and the hatred that is happening within our communities."

Robbie Parker, whose daughter, Emily, was killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, was also at the event and shared in the sentiment of the day.

"The pain is still there and the hurt is still there, but to see that they're processing it and they're making the best out of something horrible, it does, it inspires you," said Parker.

Donations collected during the event will help support a scholarship fund for area college students as well as a Sikh memorial fund, established in the wake of the temple shooting.