Hundreds run in support of Milwaukee police officer

MILWAUKEE -- More than 500 people came to show support for Milwaukee Police Officer Sebastian Raclaw on Saturday, September 29th. He is battling a rare abdominal cancer.

"It's a step toward my healing process," Raclaw said.

He was diagnosed with the rare cancer in February.  He's since undergone two surgeries. 

"With a young family, I couldn`t sit and think about it," Raclaw said.  "I had to go out there and actually solve the problem."

Solving it meant starting a 5k run.  All of the proceeds go directly toward research and treatment at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Despite having surgery just twelve weeks ago, Raclaw and his wife ran together.  Hundreds of people cheered for them.

"It gives you that hope, it gives you that energy, that power to go on," wife Angela Castillo-Raclaw said.

The two crossed the finish-line greeted with applause and hugs. 

"It was great to know that he's strong enough to do this.  And everyone here is what makes it even better," Angela Castillo-Raclaw said.

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