How will Wisconsin's Powerball winner spend her winnings?

BROOKFIELD --The Wisconsin winner in Saturday's Powerball drawing has come forward! 26-year-old Christy Stanczak of West Allis won $1 million in Saturday's Powerball drawing, after matching all five winning numbers - every number except the Powerball. Stanczak bought her ticket at the Pick 'N Save store in Brookfield, and her ticket is worth $672,000 after taxes.

Monday, shoppers and employees at the store located at 15170 W. Greenfield Ave. in Brookfield were excited, and wondering who the winner is!

Stanczak says a shot at $323 million persuaded her to buy a $10 quick pick ticket for Saturday's drawing. It was the first time Stanczak had ever played the lottery! Apparently she has won a few things recently, including a trip to Jamaica and some concert tickets. This was enough for her friends to encourage her lucky streak. "Me and my friend were leaving a movie, and I said 'hey, isn't that big Powerball tonight?' She said 'yeah, let's stop at Pick 'N Save,' so we rolled on up and came in here, and that's that! It's a dream come true!" Stanczak said.

Stanczak says she was in a casino trying to keep that lucky streak alive when she found out there was no need, as she had just matched five numbers in Saturday's drawing! "(My friend) thought I was hyperventilating! I think I was crying!" Stanczak said.

Stanczak says she has a number of plans with which to use her winnings. "Trip to Europe, probably buy my Mustang I've always wanted, investing a lot of it, I owe a friend Cinnabons for life, no more school debt!" Stanczak said.

With her winnings, Stanczak joins a small club of lottery-made millionaires. If you're hoping to follow in her footsteps, beware: the odds of repeating her five out of six matching numbers feat is more than five million to one. That's nearly the entire population of the state of Wisconsin!

A mystery winner matched all seven numbers in Saturday's drawing to win the $336.4 million jackpot! The odds of this are more than 175 million to one, equal to more than half the population of the entire United States!


This Pick 'N Save in Brookfield is now being referred to as the "Miracle Pick 'N Save," and it was the site of Brookfield's hot topic Monday morning. The store's service operations manager, Tami Czech says Sunday morning, she learned that a ticket matching five numbers was purchased around 2:30 Saturday afternoon. An excited employee shared the news. "She was yelling Tami! I gotta tell you something!" Czech said. Czech says she didn't know it was about a big "chunk of cheese," but she wasn't too far off. "I thought it was a mouse in the office!" Czech said.

Shopper Celine Pierson says she always buys her Powerball tickets at this Pick 'N Save store. "I bought my ticket Saturday night at the Speedway, instead of here. It was a dumb thing to do!" Pierson said. Pierson says she got several phone calls from her daughters asking whether she bought her tickets at what she calls "her store." Now, she says the mistake won't happen again! "From now on, I won't do that. We just happened to stop (at Speedway). I made a mistake," Pierson said.

Stanczak has six months to claim her million dollar prize, but they can't do it at the Pick 'N Save store. Anyone who wins more than $501,000 in the Powerball has to claim their winnings at the Wisconsin Lottery's Madison office.

The winning Powerball lottery numbers from Saturday's drawing are: 1, 10, 37, 52, 57 and the Powerball is 11.