How to use Google’s new job search tool to find work

Google has a new search function called “Google for Jobs” – here’s how to use it to find your next gig.

Google is working on organizing the world’s information and now the search giant has set their sights on jobs. Existing job search sites can be disorganized, have out of date listings and lots of duplicates. Google for Jobs is not a new job website but more of a way to find jobs using Google’s amazing search capabilities. Here’s how.

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What Google is Doing

As Google scours the web, they come across millions of job listings from various sources – companies, job search sites, social media and more. Google for Jobs takes this information and attempts to index it in a way that organizes jobs into the proper categories, weeds out duplicates and makes sure listings are fresh.

How to Access Google for Jobs

To start, just search for some combination of the term “job” on Google. That’s about it. Your search term can be very generic, like “jobs near me” or more specific like “retail jobs near me.” You will know when you’ve hit upon the right results when you see a box with a blue stripe along the top. Expand the box at the bottom to enter the full Google for Jobs search experience.

Tweak Your Search Terms

From here you can modify your job search terms completely. You might even notice when you click in the box that Google is pre-populating it with suggested jobs types for you. Google is using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help match you up with the perfect job. Once you are searching for the appropriate job type you can narrow down your search using the filters including Category, Title, Date posted, City, and Company type. You can also specify whether you want a full time job, part time job, internship, contract work and more.

The Results

The job listings you see are pulled from various sources, and in some cases Google is piecing together various bits of information from all over the web. For instance, you’ll see how long ago a job was posted, a description, reviews of the company and more. In some cases you’ll even see an estimated commute time for the job. When you’re ready to apply, hit the big red button. It will take you to the best site to apply for the job, and it’s clearly labeled on the button.

Landing the Perfect Gig

Google is working with various partners including LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, and Facebook. Basically, everyone realizes that the easier jobs are to find and the more qualified individuals get pushed to listings, the better it is for everyone.

Once you’ve honed your search, don’t forget to toggle the option to get job alerts for your job search. This way, Google will immediately notify you of fresh new matching jobs.

Good luck!

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