How to be a successful criminal book found on alleged bank robber

MILWAUKEE -- One alleged Milwaukee bank robber probably wishes he had read the book police found in his possession when they arrested him on Friday afternoon, March 23rd.

"How To Be A Successful Criminal: The real deal on crime, drugs and easy money" was the book the accused bank robber was carrying when Milwaukee police arrested him near Broadway and Michigan Friday afternoon.

"I guess he wasn't reading it," Ram Brunner said while sitting at the parking lot he runs on Wisconsin Avenue next door to a Bank Mutual branch that was robbed Friday. "He should be on America's Dumbest Criminals."

On Friday afternoon, the Bank Mutual was robbed by a man who fled on foot. As he was escaping, he ran right in front of two police officers, an assistant chief and a lieutenant who had just heard a call about a bank robber over their radio. The man matched the description of the robber. After a quick pursuit, the suspect was arrested a few blocks away from the bank at Broadway and Michigan.

That's where the story takes an interesting turn. In their search of the man, police found the book in his possession.

"Obviously that goes to show you he wasn't reading the book," Brunner said laughing.

Bank Mutual tells FOX6 News that none of their employees were hurt during the robbery. Counselors were also brought in to help them deal with the traumatic situation they experienced.