'Hoping to serve 40:' Milwaukee church volunteers focus on seniors with door-to-door food distribution

MILWAUKEE -- A group of church members and volunteers went door-to-door with essential food items Sunday, April 26 -- focused on seniors in need amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"We're going to go just knock on the doors, and just to briefly introduce ourselves, and see if there's a senior in the house," said Pastor Ingrid Durr-Russell. "If so, we'd like to give them a food basket."

Volunteers and officials with Chosen Generation Outreach Ministry in Milwaukee went door-to-door Sunday, April 26, handing out food on Milwaukee's north side amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Sunday's priority was senior citizens.

Pastor Ingrid Durr-Russell

"They may be sick," said Pastor Durr-Russell. "They may be, you know, have ailments, so we wanted to make it convenient."

Pastor Durr-Russell said because elderly residents are isolated more than others -- they wanted to bring some relief right to the front door.

"We're hoping to serve about 40 seniors," she said.

The church stored food for a week, hoping to get a list of elderly residents nearby. Unable to find those people, volunteers went door-to-door to see what each household might need.

"We know what's going on with this COVID virus, and it's deadly, but yet, we still want to keep helping people," said Pastor Durr-Russell.

The church has plans to help first responders next.

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