Make packing up your holiday décor hassle-free, but how?

Christmas has come and gone -- which for many means it's time to tear down all the decor. Nina Nevins with Two Men and a Truck joins FOX6 WakeUp to help us make packing things up easier and next year's unpacking a little more hassle-free. 

If the thought of finding broken ornaments and tangled up holiday lights next year stresses you out, have no fear. Tips include:

Ornaments: When it comes to putting away Christmas ornaments, we rarely save the containers we purchased them in. Dish pack boxes provide a safer alternative than wrapping them in tissue paper and putting them in a bag with minimal protection. Dish pack boxes come with dividers which can easily be adjusted depending on the desired space needed for each item, making it the perfect home for your breakable items.

Lights: Avoid getting your lights tangled up! Remove the flaps from a cardboard box and neatly wrap your lights around them. This is a simple trick that keeps your lights in good condition and at the same time, allows for them to take up less storage space! 

Wrapping Station: This is a great way to organize and store your supplies! Assemble a dish pack box to organize my ribbon, bows, bags, tissue paper, and more. It is incredibly helpful to have all items in one place when you are rushing to wrap your gifts! The best part about the dish pack box is by adjusting the dividers, you can accommodate all of your needs, including long tubes of wrapping paper.