Herman Cain discusses Libya response, sexual harassment claims in Green Bay Monday night

Republican Herman Cain was on hand at Lambeau Field Monday night, for a fundraising tailgate prior to Monday Night's Packers/Vikings game, and during his appearance, he took questions regarding a moment earlier in the day in Milwaukee, when he was asked by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editors about how his approach in Libya would have differed from President Obama's.

Cain said he paused to gather his thoughts, and then clarified his position, saying he would have done a better job of figuring out who was in the opposition.

In Green Bay Monday night, Cain also answered questions regarding several sexual harassment claims that have come against him in recent weeks, from back when he was head of the National Restaurant Association 15 years ago. One of the women is Sharon Bialek, who Cain says he's never even met.

Monday, Bialek's boyfriend at the time, Dr. Victor Zuckerman, confirmed Bialek's story, saying he, Bialek and Cain had a long conversation once. Meanwhile, Cain is standing by his statements.

"I'm standing by what I have said. That doesn't bring any new information, as far as I'm concerned," Cain said.

Cain does admit that a recent CNN poll showing support for him down is likely due to these accusations. The latest poll that came out Monday, shows him several points off pace from former governor Mitt Romney and former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich.

"Some people have convicted me in the court of public opinion, and I can't do anything about that," Cain said.