'Help them out:' Lawn care company offering free mows to health care workers

MILWAUKEE -- For one company, paying it forward to health care workers comes in the form of a free lawn mow.

The gesture is welcomed by Tony Island, a veteran and a health care worker, who says his lawn was in desperate need of a cut.

Tony Island and Gotham

"When I let my dog out and I'm going to work, I'm like, 'this is...I don't know how anybody is going to tackle this or manage it,'" Island said.

For Island and his dog, Gotham, the yard was no place to play.

"Big part of me felt really bad that somebody had to deal with it. That it had gotten that bad that somebody had to come out here and deal," said Island.

As a health care worker during the COVID-19, Island will be the first to tell you that lawn maintenance has not been a high priority. Fortunately for him and Gotham, there's an app for that.

"We're helping him out today by giving him a free cut," said Ronnie Anderson.

Ronnie Anderson

Anderson is a contractor for the app called "Plowz & Mowz" -- a service that operates like the Uber of the lawn care business.

"People need help right now, especially health care workers. They're busting their butts," Anderson said. "The times they normally have off to come home and do housework, they're probably sleeping right now."

Like a barber giving a haircut after having you've gone months without one, Anderson took a lot off the top and sides -- and the patch of grass is left looking good as new.

"I've always been a person that loves to help people out, and this is just one way that I can help out," said Anderson. "If they don't have time to do something, just give them a hand, help them out with something, because I'm sure later down the road you're going to need something from them too."

For Anderson, it's just another day. But for the two who reclaimed their yard, it means so much more.

"Awesome job...I couldn't have done a better job," said Island.

If you are a health care worker and you could use a free lawn mow, all you have to do is download the Plowz & Mowz app and type in the promo code "HERO."

Tony Island looks over freshly-mowed lawn