"He violated our core value of competence:" Chief Ed Flynn testifies in Manney appeal hearing

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- After 7 hours of testimony, Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn testified on Saturday afternoon, March 21st in the appeal hearing for Christopher Manney. He explained in detail why he fired then-officer Manney.

Manney was fired for performing a pat down leading up to the deadly shooting of Dontre Hamilton in Red Arrow Park in April 2014. Manney's lawyer argues Hamilton had no right to sleep in the park in the first place because it is against city ordinance.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn

On the stand Saturday, Flynn indicated Manney violated the MPD core value of competence. He said there was a tragic outcome that could have been avoided if Manney followed his training.

"He violated our core value of competence and he did so in a way that unfortunately and tragically resulted in him having to use deadly force to protect himself," said Flynn.

While Flynn was on the stand, Manney sat just feet away from his former boss.

"He did not indicate any objective reason, based on his observations, for wanting to pat down Mr. Hamilton except for the fact that he thought he was homeless," said Flynn. "But there is nothing in that report to indicate that he thought that Mr. Hamilton was committing a crime; that Mr. Hamilton was in fact personally in possession of a weapon, he was not investigating a crime, there were no suspicions being attached to Mr. Hamilton's behavior. But rather, in his initial response to charges, it was simply that he appeared to be a homeless man and they often carry knives."

During cross-examination, Manney's lawyer argues his client wanted to help Dontre Hamilton.

"If you approach somebody who was lying motionless on the ground with their leg twitching and then all of a sudden opened their eyes and it was a strange facial expression, you might be concerned about the subject's medical condition?" said Jonathan Cermele, Christopher Manney's lawyer.

But Chief Flynn says Manney didn't have that concern.

Flynn stands by the termination and waits for what's next.

"It's a tragic outcome, but one that could've been avoided if he had done, if he had in fact followed training," said Flynn.

Christopher Manney has yet to take the stand.

Testimony in the Manney appeal got underway on Thursday evening and is expected to continue on Sunday afternoon. If necessary, the court has indicated a session on Monday will be held at a new location. Instead of the municipal court, Monday's session will be held at Centennial Hall in the main branch of the Milwaukee Public Library.