Have you ever wondered what goes into roasting coffee on large scale?

For 80 years Torke Coffee has been a family-owned and operated Wisconsin coffee roaster offering a wide variety of products. Brian is in Sheboygan this morning learning more about the family, company and their coffee.

About Torke Coffee (website)

Torke Family Coffee Roasters has been dedicated to serving their customers and communities for over 75 years. Torke Coffee’s origins began in downtown Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where founder Elwood Torke and his father Adolf Torke delivered hand roasted coffees with a single horse and buggy. Elwood’s son, Ward Torke, saw growth potential in the coffee wholesale market. Ward developed relationships with local restauranteurs and pioneered one of the industry’s first complete coffee solutions. In the early 2000s, Ward was joined by his son, Jay Torke, who represents the fourth generation of the company. Jay and his sister, Lynda Torke, now carry on their family’s tradition of producing high-quality roasts, providing exceptional service, and supporting their community.

Over the years, Torke Coffee has not only grown their coffee distribution and offerings but has also developed a reputation as one of the most philanthropic corporations in the area and one of the most caring in the local market. Torke Coffee is proud of the relationships they have built and the communities they serve.