Have you ever wanted to create your own personalized candle scent?

Get ready to tap into your senses and creativity while experiencing a candle in an entirely new light. Brian is Milwaukee’s Third Ward at Glassnote Candle Bar where they provide everything you need to make a custom candle from start to finish.

About Glassnote Candle Bar (website)

In true DIY fashion, everything in this candle bar was hand-made either in this generation or generations past. The building has a rich history, being built in 1882 and having housed many businesses. The original business in this building was a cooperage. Since then, businesses like Milwaukee Tool, Art Galleries and Antique Shops have occupied the space. The space is now carrying on the tradition of entrepreneurship as a candle studio and candle bar. Milwaukee Candle Co. candles are hand-poured in the back, while we share the art of candle-making and scent design in the front. Glassnote Candle Bar was a natural progression and almost seamless transition from Milwaukee Candle Co., the sibling brand.

Why call it Glassnote? We wanted to create a simple name. Something that actually uses the names of some of the raw materials we use both in our every day operations at Milwaukee Candle Co. and in the candle bar. We use various glassware from the candle jars and oil jugs to the glass beakers and glass stirring rods. And fragrance notes stir in the air on a daily basis from pouring our batches of candles in the back. So we settled on Glassnote. Something simple and natural in the sense that it was formed authentically out of our daily operations and lifestyle.