Harley-Davidson Museum opens new exhibit celebrating the legacy of Willie G. Davidson

MILWAUKEE -- Few people can say they haven't worked a day in their life.

"My job is my hobby, my hobby is my job and it just keeps on going," said Willie G. Davidson.

But Willie G. Davidson says his five decades in the family business have been a joy. Now that legacy is on display at the Harley-Davidson Museum's newest exhibit "Willie G. Davidson: Artist, Designer, Leader, Legend."

"I kind of lived through chapters as I walk around the walls," said Willie G.

His passion for the brand started as a boy racing motorcycles.

"It seemed like it was in my DNA because I took to it right away," said Willie G.

Willie G. Davidson

Willie G.'s grandfather was one of the founding members of Harley-Davidson. But it was Willie G. who started the company's styling and design department. His artistic and creative eye transformed motorcycles from a means of transportation to rolling works of art, originating the concept of custom motorcycles.

"I had an open sketch book and not a lot of committees so I started drawing," said Willie G.

"He was very instrumental in helping shape our brand with various designs and sharing it with our customers around the world," said Harley-Davidson Museum Vice President and Willie G's son Bill Davidson.

Those very designs, along with his personal art and motorcycle collections and stories of his incredible journey will open to those who share his love for Harley-Davidson.

"It`s a lifestyle and it`s a happy one," said Willie G.

"Willie G. Davidson: Artist, Designer, Leader, Legend" will be open at the Harley-Davidson Museum June 13th - September 27th.

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Willie G. Davidson