Harley-Davidson enthusiasts test ride new 2018 models at Milwaukee Rally

MILWAUKEE -- It was a celebration of one of Wisconsin's most iconic brands. Harley-Davidson hosted rallies across the Milwaukee area, at its dealerships and museum on Saturday, September 2nd.

The event was to show off their newly-unveiled 2018 models, giving people a chance to hop on the bikes.


Organizers say it's also a chance to see some familiar faces.

"It might sound trite but it's like another family reunion for me, I see people that I haven't seen here last time. I see people that are at bike nights throughout the year but it's a great chance to kind of reconnect and see what they've done with their bikes or what they've done with their lives," said Tim McCormick, Harley-Davidson.

Sunday at the museum, there will be a custom bike show where Harley-Davidson organizers want people to show off their so-called "rolling sculptures."

For more information on the Milwaukee Rally, CLICK HERE.