Halloween Family Party: Cops and kids get into the spooky spirit!

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- With Halloween right around the corner, it is time to celebrate!

Milwaukee Police Office Officers and some area kids spent the day getting into the spooky spirit. A party was held at the Milwaukee Job Corps Building on 60th Street. Everyone was encouraged to wear a costume.

The party also featured a cookout, candy, and haunted house.

Organizers say this is a way for the kids to enjoy Halloween in a safe environment, but it's also good for the officers as well.

"It gets to them to see the community in a different light. They're always most of the time chasing the bad. This is the good.  This is what we want to show-- that our communities have a good side and that the police need to see that as well, that we can come together as a team," said Vera Ford, from Milwaukee Job Corps.

The event was put together by the company, Milwaukee Police Department Four, and the Milwaukee Fire Department.