"Had no idea!" Local veteran awarded new, free home at Summerfest

MILWAUKEE -- There was a big surprise at Summerfest today -- and it had nothing to do with the music. A local veteran was awarded a brand new, mortgage-free home in Waukesha!

U.S. Army specialist, Phillip Olson, was joined on stage by his wife and son for the big reveal.

Olson was born in southern Wisconsin and grew up in La Crosse.


He thought he was just a finalist in the contest, and not the actual winner, so you can imagine how excited he was when they surprised him.

"We had no idea. It was all, let's meet with the other applicants, let's go down here just to kind of talk, be real informal. They kept telling us not to worry, don't be nervous. It hasn't set in yet, but it will set in and we can't be more excited -- I know that," said Olson.

Olson was honorably discharged after he was injured by an IED during his second deployment to Afghanistan. The home was donated by the group "Operation Finally Home" and Belman Homes.