Gunman wrote special message to loved ones before Azana mass shooting

BROOKFIELD (WITI) -- Information is still being digested after Brookfield police officials on Friday released the final report regarding the shooting at the Azana Salon & Spa in October that left three dead and four injured -- before the gunman turned his weapon on himself.

Investigators walked towards the Brown Deer home of a man accused of shooting seven victims. Inside, they discovered what might be a final message to a murderer's loved ones.

Radcliffe Haughton had written on a dry erase board: "TT, I love you. Sorry for all this. Keep singing. Follow your dreams."

Around 11:00 a.m., on October 21st, police rushed to Brookfield's Azana Salon & Spa. Moments later, victims were rushed out of the building.

Police saw a man who would later be identified as Haughton in a camoflage jacket. The 45-year-old then disappeared into the building.

Photos show bullets on the floor, and spent bullets in the spa.

During his time there, Haughton took the lives of three people, including his ex-wife, before turning the gun on himself. He was found on the second floor, and police say a firearm was still in his hand.

Investigators say they found a FNP 40 semi-automatic handgun, a magazine with 10 rounds, ammunition including brass-jacketed hollow points and a knife.

Fire concerns prompted a visit by the fire department. Investigators believe Haughton tried to ignite a homemade explosive device, possibly using a propane tank.

Parts of the salon were scorched, but sprinklers smothered the fire. At one point, officers already inside were replaced by specially-trained crisis intervention team members.

In total, 19 were evacuated, but the gunfire proved too much for three inside.