"Guardian Bells" on Harley bikes to keep riders safe

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Beneath the frame of many Harley-Davidson motorcycles a small, silver bell can be found -- intended to keep riders safe. It's a little-known tradition, with quite a legend behind it.

"Since we don't wear helmets or anything, we need protection," explained one rider.

The bell is known to most Harley riders as a guardian bell, however some call it an angel bell. Many believe it to be a good luck charm, while others say the bell is meant to ward off evil spirits on the road.

"That's a gremlin bell -- keeps the gremlins away while you're riding," said Jason Page of New Hampshire.

David Smith says his bell proved its magic when he hit a deer a couple years ago.

"Both feet hit the ground, ripped the shoes right off my feet, but I never laid the bike down and never got hurt," said Smith.

Another myth behind the bell is the fact that you're not supposed to buy one for yourself. They are a special gift within the Harley community, given from one rider to another.

"I bought his and he bought mine and we make sure that we have them on at the beginning of each riding season," said newlywed Carmen Holt.

Riders say gifting someone the little bell is a way of wishing them safe travels ahead.