Gualberto Fuentes (3-22-13) CAPTURED

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- U.S. Marshals on Tuesday, April 30th announced the capture of 37-year-old Gualberto Fuentes -- one of Wisconsin's Most Wanted. Officials say Fuentes spent more than three years on the run.

Fuentes was accused of a violent sexual assault against a stranger back in 1994. Investigators say he assaulted a young girl near a West Allis grocery store.

Officials say Fuentes grabbed the girl's arm, claiming someone wanted to talk to her.

"(He) portrayed the fact that he had a weapon. She said 'no.' She said 'stop.' He pushed her down to the ground and forced himself on her -- forcibly raped her behind the building," U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force Member Michelle Harings said.

Fuentes served time for the crime, but when he got out law enforcement says he violated his parole and when allegations surfaced about physical aggression against another woman he fled.

Harings says Fuentes' criminal history dates back to age 12, and he is currently a member of the East Side Mafioso gang.

"He is a very dangerous felon and individual," Harings said.

Fuentes is 5'6" tall and weighs 175 pounds. He has a tattoo on his right arm that says "ESM."

A FOX6 viewer tip led law enforcement officials to a home near 7th and Fiebrantz, where Fuentes was captured after officials say he barricaded himself inside.