Group tells voters to sign "Adolf Hitler" on recall petitions

MADISON -- The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB) is alleging a group called Mines for Wisconsin is telling voters to sign the Scott Walker recall petitions with the name "Adolf Hitler". They are even asking the Milwaukee County District Attorney to look into the matter.

The GAB has recently been criticized for saying they would accept Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler in the recall petitions.

In a statement, the GAB says it's illegal to intentionally falsify a name on a recall petition. The GAB says the group may be breaking the law if fliers encouraging group members to falsify the petitions is "genuine".

Director and General Counsel Kevin Kennedy said, "Illegal petition signatures will not be counted by the Government Accountability Board. We will not tolerate signature fraud by anyone, petition supporters or opponents." This is a 180 from what many media outlets reported just a week ago.

The board's decision to allow Adolf Hitler and Mickey Mouse led to a lawsuit filed by Governor Scott Walker and the Republican Party of Wisconsin. They're asking the board be aggresive about eliminating duplicate and fake signatures.