Group of teens involved in 'scary' fight at Milwaukee County Zoo; no arrests

MILWAUKEE -- On what should have been a fun family day at the Milwaukee County Zoo, deputies had to get involved after a fight broke out.

It was Family Free Day at the zoo, but what unfolded Saturday afternoon was not family-friendly.

Several teens pushed, shoved and threw punches, jumping into a fight inside the main entryway of the zoo. Witnesses, who asked not to be named, told FOX6 News that it started between two young women.

"I hear everybody say, 'She finna fight,'" a witness said. "She was screaming, 'Where's this (expletive) at? Where's this (expletive) at?'"

The fight quickly grew to about 10 people involved.

"People started to jump in, one by one," a witness said. "It was a lot of chaotic going on, people looking for their friends and family after the fight, making sure everyone was safe.

"It was just kind of scary."

Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office

Zoo security stepped in, according to visitors. Deputies from the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office arrived moments later, around 4 p.m. They say some of the juveniles involved in the fight left before authorities arrived and that no arrests were made.

"To be honest, I don't like it, because it's happening a lot these days," said a witness.

Visitors caught in the middle said the fight put a damper on an otherwise fun day.

FOX6 News reached out to zoo officials but did not hear back. Overall, it sounds like it was a fun, safe day -- aside from the incident toward the day's end.