Greenfield police: Student enticement scare merely an attempt at 'good deed'

GREENFIELD -- The woman who offered a Maple Grove student a ride to school Wednesday morning had no ill-intent, according to Greenfield Police.

Police say the woman was only trying to do a good deed.

As wind chills dipped below zero Wednesday morning, the woman approached a 10-year-old Maple Grove student as they walked to school. When she was persistent in offering a ride, the student refused and ran to school, according to police.

"While we appreciate her good intentions, we must also remain vigilant to the realities of the dangers that our children can encounter," Greenfield Police said in Facebook post Thursday morning. "The child, in this case, did exactly what she was supposed to do and we applaud her for it."

The School District of Greenfield sent a release to parents highlighting the importance of reminding children to refuse rides from strangers.