Greenfield mayor: recall petitioners allowed at library

Petitions to recall Governor Scott Walker have been appearing daily inside the Greenfield Public Library atrium. The petitions have gotten a fair amount of signatures, but some have written to Greenfield's mayor, asking him to stop the signing. Greenfield's mayor says the library is public property, and thus, fair game.

Bob Heule has been collecting signatures at the library, and says response has been positive, with two-thirds of people he asks to sign, signing their names to recall Governor Walker. However, not everyone agrees with what Heule is doing, and where he's doing it.

FOX6's media partners at the Greenfield Patch report that some are upset about the petitioning occurring in the library, and have written to the mayor. The mayor says the library, as well as city hall, are public facilities, and Heule, along with others, have every right to be there. The mayor says politicians like Walker gather signatures at the library all the time when they want to run for office.

Wednesday, Walker released a new ad, discouraging the recall process with words from a high school teacher. Gov. Walker himself does not appear in the ad. Instead, the ad features a Kenosha Unified School District teacher saying Walker did what was right for Wisconsin. The woman says she thinks the recall feels like "sour grapes" pushed by people who didn't get their way.