Governor Walker speaks for the first time after filing for 2016 presidential race

MENOMONEE FALLS -- The cat is out of the bag! Governor Scott Walker is running for president after filing the necessary paperwork on Thursday, July 2nd. Friday, July 3rd for the first time he is talking about his run.

FOX6 News caught up with the governor at the Menomonee Falls July 4th Parade. He says he is running after thinking about his sons, and wanting the best country possibly for them.

Governor Walker is getting a mostly positive response in Menomonee Falls. HE says the "official announcement will come on July 13th," at an event in Waukesha -- but he's been teasing his presidential logo on the social media site Instagram.

Walker does not consider himself to the front runner, instead saying that title likely goes to Jeb Bush due to the amount of money available to him.

Walker says in the early state you can't buy a vote, you must earn it.

"I think what makes it different is there is a lot of fighters who have yet to win those fights. There is a lot of winners who have yet to take on those fights. We're the only ones who have fought and won for the hard working tax payers," said Walker.

Governor Walker becomes the 15th Republican to enter the presidential field. He says he plans to separate himself from the pack.