Governor Walker renews call for President Obama to cancel official state visit with president of China

DENISON, Iowa — Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker is renewing his call for President Barack Obama to cancel an official state visit with the president of China in response to slumping U.S. stock markets.

Governor Walker said Wednesday, August 26th following a campaign stop in Denison, Iowa, that such a move would not hurt trade with states like Iowa or Wisconsin.

Walker first called for the state visit to be canceled Monday. He defended it on Wednesday when asked about possible negative repercussions for agricultural states like Iowa and Wisconsin that combined do more than $2 billion in trade with China.

"It seems rather ridiculous that we would be honoring that government with one of our highest distinctions and that is an official state visit. That is something the president and people like Hillary Clinton seem to have their head in the sand and ignore that that's a reality," Governor Walker said.

He says instead of inviting the Chinese president to a state dinner, Obama should "be taking them to the woodshed."

Walker is on a seven-stop, two-day campaign swing in rural southwest Iowa:


Gov. Scott Walker meet and greet

8:15 AM CDT

The Corner Coffee Shop
284 Public Square
Greenfield, IA 50849

Gov. Scott Walker meet and greet

10:00 AM CDT

Prime Time
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